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  • Welcome to the Original Oldhammer Artwork blog

    Hi and welcome, Firstly thank you for showing and sharing an interest in my passion. I thought I’d share a little about myself before I froth about...
  • Besieging Goblins by Paul Bonner

    Title: Besieging Goblins
    Artist: Paul Bonner
    Created: 1987
    Medium: Water colour
    Publication(s): * see comments
    Warhammer Siege 1st edition, 1988, pg.33
    Blood in Darkness (WHFRP Darkstone Campaign), 1990, Front Cover
    Out of the Forest, alternative example used
    Purchased: Feb 2020
    Size: TBC
  • Mark Gibbons Skaven unboxing

  • Mark Gibbons' Skaven Warp Flame Crew

    Title: Skaven warp flame crewArtist: Mark GibbonsMedium: Black and White inkPublication: Warhammer Skaven Armies, 1993, pg. 25Purchased: Feb 2020Si...
  • Silver Helm

    Artist: Paul BonnerTitle: High Elf Silver Helm CavalryPublication: Warhammer Armies, 1988, pg.29Purchased: Feb 2020Size: TBC Insights: i) Much mor...
  • Tony Hough Sells artwork through our blog

    We’ve been given the opportunity to sell Original Games Workshop Artwork through our blog on behalf of the legendary Tony Hough 😱🥳😍 During a recent...
  • An Adrian Smith piece, the box art for 5th Edition High Elf Warrior miniatures

    An Adrian Smith piece, the box art for 5th Edition High Elf Warrior miniatures, recently sold on eBay for $1999 (£1550) We agree with the seller’s ...
  • Eye of Terror’, Recently sold for £3000

    A Karl Kopinski piece, used for the cover of the 3rd Ed Chaos Space Marine supplement ‘Eye of Terror’, Recently sold for £3000 ($3850) between priv...
  • Cool Ork

    Title: Cool OrkArtist: Tony HoughMedium: Pencil on heavy paperSize: 19.5cm x 27.5cmPublished:i) Warhammer 40,000 Approved Chapter, ‘Wolf Time - Kul...
  • Tony Hough Discovered

    +++World Exclusive+++30 year old unpublished Game Workshop Warhammer 40k art discovered+++REVISED DESCRIPTION OF NARRATIVE BY TONY HOUGH+++ Title: ...
  • Brian Williams

    Brian Williams did some notable illustrations for Games Workshop, TSR and the Lone Wolf series. Also some other "interesting" art you might or mig...