Cool Ork

Title: Cool Ork
Artist: Tony Hough
Medium: Pencil on heavy paper
Size: 19.5cm x 27.5cm
i) Warhammer 40,000 Approved Chapter, ‘Wolf Time - Kulo's Castle’ by Rick Priestley, pg. 29, 1987
Sold: Feb 2020 by Original Oldhammer Artwork

Scene Narrative:
The art work depicts a scene from the final and decisive battle of ‘The Wolf Time Campaign’ and centres on a Marine assault, by the Space Wolves, on the Ork stronghold of Kulo's Castle. The Castle itself is built around the ruins of an Ork spacecraft.


Where to begin...

I) Published in the Warhammer 40k Companion volume the 1st edition of Chapter Approved. The companion volume has been printed alongside each variation of the Warhammer 40k rule set. The renowned publication is considered a must have by many within the various player and collector communities.

ii) Given a full page with in the publication, Amazing print real estate!!!

iii) The pencil work is much darker in the original. As I have previously written our blog, Original Oldhammer Artwork, the transference process of the original to print resulted in a much lighter shading which did not do justice to the dramatic contrasting.

iv) The unusual isometric composition of the artwork is dictated by the scenario and brief given by Rick Priestley. The scene depicts Space Marines storming a derelict Ork Spacecraft and shows corridor to corridor close quarter fighting.

v) The artwork has a close association with John Blanche who commissioned the work specifically for ‘The Wolf Hunt Campaign’ which was written by Rick Priestley. Incidentally the scenario followed the tradition as Orc’s Drift, McDeath and Terror of the Lichemaser boxsets in both layout and style.

vi) Very early artwork of space marines. More specifically and importantly the Space marines are the illustrious Space Wolves. Arguably this is an historical piece that should be in GW archives.

vii) Tony Hough’s Orks what more could you ask for. Beautifully detailed and is influenced heavily by the then current Ork range of miniature’s produced buy Citadel Miniatures.

viii) Tony has been the personal custodian of this piece for over 30 years. He will write a personal letter of authenticity.