Mark Gibbons' Skaven Warp Flame Crew

Title: Skaven warp flame crew
Artist: Mark Gibbons
Medium: Black and White ink
Publication: Warhammer Skaven Armies, 1993, pg. 25
Purchased: Feb 2020
Size: TBC

One of Mark’s first major projects was to illustrate Warhammer Skaven Armies. Whilst his work largely focused on the different troop types and newly introduced special characters he also worked on more detailed vignette.

Mark said during an online interview, ‘my favourite things to draw tend to be dark and scary. In Warhammer terms that's usually Undead or Chaos. I really enjoyed drawing Skaven back in the day. I've always loved the Skaven. I got to paint a couple for the War Cry CCG a few years later and really enjoyed revisiting the ratmen.’…/8…/im_mark_gibbons_ask_me_anything/

ii) My thoughts;

The is one of our favourite pieces. It perfectly catches the unstable menacing terror of the Skaven Warp Flame crew. The scene is essentially influenced by the miniature sculptures of Jes Goodwin. Jes was the inspiration for the early Skaven models and narrative. We especially love the highly detailed runes that adorne the weapon and clothing. There appears to be a raging battle unfolding in the distance with fully detailed Skaven Standards.