Brian Williams

Brian Williams did some notable illustrations for Games Workshop, TSR and the Lone Wolf series. Also some other "interesting" art you might or might not want to look up...
When I was aggressively buying all the early WD covers I managed to track down the estate that has his remaining stuff (no small feat) and amongst the WD covers I bought the attached images. Note I don't post images of those WD covers as I'm unsure if High Res images of those exist and have zero desire for anyone to have any. He did one great WD cover for WD #70 and it looks way better in person... that was my prized WD pick-up asides the Runequest cover and one of the actual paintings of the White Dwarf hisself.
If anyone's curious, apparently he seemed fit and in good health and then one day he came home and keeled over and just dropped dead.
His newer paintings had been just recently varnished (prior to the bad day) and so what his family did is they inserted them into these mylar sleeves and then of course the art sat there for several years... so I buy the art (just the new ones are affected by this) and I get my art shipment (unfortunately I don't make videos) and these paintings are stuck to the mylar. If you ever ate a fruit roll-up and you peel the roll-up off of that sheet is exactly the same as getting the painting off the mylar and you know how easy it is for the roll-up to tear and I was really sweating it... and bit of the painting got peeled off but they still look amazing however the varnish is still present and real tacky like a fly-paper. I sent them to an X Fasa artist to help me restore them and ought to ask for them back now... so the 2 Lone Wolf paintings you see are as described here. They're huge and beautiful and once they get revarnished they will get framed.
• Also I got this weird painting called the Good Games Guide GW did when they were still a general games company. I really like the art, pro matted it.
• Also I got this art I cannot ID, The one with the hot babe. I assume it's published "somewhere" but no idea. I know it's not TSR (My expertise). If anyone knows please LMK.
• Also a LW map. I collect these maps and cartographic materials cause it's under appreciated and you figure most of the products has interior art + text + maps and who really has any of the maps?
Author Kev Wirsing